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Artemios Vogiatzis

Artemios served on the Committee in 2015-6

Contact details

Artemios (  

Returning or new member of the   Committee?


When did you first join NWTC? 

Early in 2014 I googled ‘English speaking theatre group Luxembourg’ and found NWTC. I registered as a member and shortly afterwards there was an  audition announced for Oh What a Lovely  War.


What has been your involvement   with NWTC?

I was cast In Oh What a Lovely  War and helped on the bar during Peter  Pan and Strange Horseman.  Recently I started to help with the news on the NWTC website too.


Why have you joined the 2015-6   Committee?

I met a lot of people during Oh who, apart from being passionate and sincere about the theatre, also liked a good joke or two. I was made to feel very welcome while also having a ton of fun during rehearsals. It feels nice to achieve good results with people sharing the same passion and having fun in the process!


What do you think will be the   most challenging element of Committee life ahead?  

Understanding and achieving the goals within the limited timeframes


What are you looking forward   to most about being on the Committee?

Laughing, finding out about new plays and being able to contribute towards a common goal


If you were to sum up NWTC in three words they would be...

Comprehension, collaboration and fun


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