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Chris Albrecht

 on committee 2004-2009 & 2012 - 2017

Contact details Tel. 621 279 633

When did you join NWTC?

I joined in the 1980s and have been involved at varying levels since then

What has been your involvement with NWTC?

I have served on committees on and off between   2004 and 2009 and then again from 2012 onwards, taking on the position of chair in 2013. I have also acted in several productions as well as been crew and/or production support on countless occasions.

What has been your most enjoyable moment so far on the Committee?

watching a new idea germinate, nursing it   in and out of pitfalls and seeing it progressively grow into an exciting  production. 

What has been the most challenging moment so far on the Committee

being forced to recognise that the Committee’s to-do list has outgrown the human resources available.

What for you is the best thing about being on the Committee?

seeing supporters rally around when the going gets tough.

If you were to use three words to sum up NWTC…

on the map!

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg