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Julie Fraser

On Committee from 2015-2017

Contact details Tel: 691 491 701

New or returning Committee   member?


When did you join NWTC?

I started to learn about NWTC through Pirates and then Summer School. I joined the Club when I got involved in John Brigg’s production of Linda Her in 2007.


What has been your involvement with NWTC?

Acting (Linda Her), attending LEATSS as much as I can and sharing whatever I learn, props (Steel Magnolias, Something Unspoken), Stage Manager (12 Angry Men), costumes (Natural Daughter), production support (Strange Horseman) bar duty on many, supporting Youth Theatre, directing (Prosperpina’s Promise, Just Eat It (AD), Peter Pan and Oh What a Lovely War) as well as support stuff such as organising for external tutors to come and do workshops  with us, revamping the website this year alongside Karl Pierce, re-launching the newsletter and setting up a Club night.


Why have you joined the 2015=2-16 Committee?

For a similar reason to why I like helping backstage – I think acting is enormous fun but it takes an awful lot of people to get you up there looking good! It's nice to give something back. Similarly, I adore theatre and the more I see/do the more ideas pop up but they all take work and support from a lot of people. The workload of a NWTC is not a light one yet its Committee relatively small. The opportunity has presented itself when I am able to devote some time to it.  I worked   behind the scenes for the Committee once Oh was put to bed and in particular I worked on the website. It made me realise how much experience and also new enthusiasm the Club has: that combination is  incredibly energising.


What do you think will be the most   challenging element of Committee life ahead?

Keeping creativity and enjoyment at the forefront of the agenda as well as balancing hopes with the realities of life. Administrative roles can be a bit of killer sometimes but I hope the work we do frees people up to put on shows in a happy and as relaxed way as possible. We shall see how it goes. As Chris said at the AGM, we are just normal people doing our best. I hope the team spirit continues to shine brightly whether members are on or supporting the Committee. It’s great that this year’s Committee reflects the members in terms of interest, experience, new eyes and ages - I think that will help a lot.

What are you looking forward to  most about being on the Committee?

Bringing ideas for theatre to life with passion and within the context of a supportive team environment.

If you were to sum up NWTC in three words...

Truthful, experimental and demanding.

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