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Members supporting the Club

There are many aspects to putting on a show and/or running the Club which can seem a little overwhelming at first. When putting a show you will need to put your team together but you may have some general questions or you may want to help the Club but are not sure how. Luckily, we have many members who are willing to help you navigate these waters! You just have to ask .  You can give as much or as little support as you are able: from helping draft the newsletter during club evenings to website maintenance and from props research through to running workshops - there are many ways in which you can support your club.

Without taking the place of your team, the following members are all theatre enthusiasts with very specific experience who are more than happy to have a cuppa with you and chat/act as a sounding board and in so doing, support the Committee in carrying out its work, including that of the administration of the Club.  

This is a work in progress and as more members come forward to offer their support they can be added.   If you would like to help, but prefer not to be on the Committee, then this is one way you could be of great assistance to the Club. Please get in  touch with if you would like to be included on the "members supporting the Club" contacts list.

If you would like to find out about...

You can contact....

A little bit about ...


Club evenings (Tuesday once a month)


Julie Fraser

(club night   coordinator) - needs a new coordinator please offer!






Julie is keen to meet Club members and that all have a regular opportunity to  find out, discuss, agonize with and laugh about all things theatrical.  The Club night was once a month  and focused on the next newsletter, but all topics were open for   discussion!  All members welcome. After doing this for nearly two years, Julie would like someone else to coordinate this ....?! Please write and offer.




Hilary Brown

(costume support)



Valerie Scott

(costume support) 







Hilary has been involved in creating some wonderful costumes (e.g. Peter Pan, Oh What a Lovely War) and her skills as a seamstress are renowned!  Valerie has been involved on and off stage in numerous productions and also is Club Secretary. Both Hilary and Valerie have managed   the costume store and hold a key. If you want to use the  store and/or are not sure how to find the right costumes and/or  people to help with your production then   Hilary and/or Valerie are good people to chat with.




Philip Dutton

(FEATS   communicator)









Philip designed a website for FEATS 2014  (,   the year NWTC last hosted it. Since it has been adopted by successive host   groups (  Philip can direct you to helpful programme and logistical information for the  current FEATS season (  If you have any questions or   information about FEATS please chat with him.


Helping out


Chris Wilson

(volunteer support)




Chris W (there are many Chris' in the Club!) has helped on many productions and committees. If you want to   help but just don't know how, then chat with Chris. She will be happy to   suggest ways or pop your name down to contact as and when jobs come up. For   more information about Chris see below.


LEATSS subscriptions


Rose Flammant

(LEATS accounts   support)









Rose (our Club Membership Secretary) helps keep track of the payments   made for Summer School. You can find most things about the Luxembourg   European Annual Theatre Summer School (LEATSS) on its website ( but if you have   specific queries regarding your subscriptions then please contact Rose. You   can find more information about Rose on the NWTC Committee pages.


Lights/sound equipment


Philip Dutton

(technical support)









Philip has been heavily involved in many aspects of   putting on a show from directing to performing and committee work to   backstage support. As an IT specialist in "normal life", he is a   good person to chat with about any technical aspects to a show. The sound   equipment is stored at his home and the lighting with costumes.


News and newsletter


Julie Fraser

(Newsletter  coordinator)



Artemios Vogiatzis

(news and events support)



Julie enjoys all aspects of theatre and is keen to share information   about NWTC and all anglophone theatre in Luxembourg. All members are invited   to write articles. Julie is happy to hear of news and try to find a way to   incorporate your news onto the website and/or newsletter. If you have ideas,   questions and/or contributions please get in touch.


Artemios is new to NWTC, having joined to perform in Oh What a Lovely War. He has agreed to help Julie (is he mad?!) with the news and events sections of the website so please don't hesitate to let him know of any upcoming theatrical events you wish to share.


Old photos, programmes and posters


Les Wilson

(Gallery coordinator)






Les has been involved in many NWTC shows, usually on the technical   side but has been known to walk the boards too. It would be great to build up   memories of plays and events over the years by gathering all the photos members have and putting them with the corresponding production/event. It is an endless task, but one   Les is happy to do. Send him your scanned photo/flyer/whatever (or put them on a memory stick) and he   will make sure it ends up in the right place on the website!




Angela Milne






Angela has been with NWTC for many years and has acted, directed, sung   and danced her way through many shows. She is also known as the 'props   queen' as she has researched, hunted for and created more props than anyone   can remember! She holds a key to the barn where many of the props are stored.


Putting on a production (inc. how to make a proposal)


Chris Wilson


(production   support)








Chris has been involved in the Club for over 20 years. There isn't a   role she hasn't done from props to directing and from bar to acting! If you   would like to talk with someone about how to put on a play, make a proposal   to the Committee or put a team together then Chris is more than happy to   share a cuppa and a chat.


Set materials


Les Wilson


(barn   quartermaster)




Les has been involved in the design and construction of many sets over   the years. He can advise about available materials in the barn and is a key holder.


Social media

(facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,  etc)


Phil Taylor

(social media   support)











Phil’s experience of NWTC came about largely because of his son’s  (Tiernan’s) involvement with the youth theatre – however, in 2014 he stepped   boldly into the role of crew member when he assisted actors with their   marching techniques for Oh What a Lovely War!    His working life is that of IT and marketing so is perfect for advice   on the social media front.




Pam Carlisle

(ticketing advisor)




Pam has done front of house for many, many shows and been exposed to,   and overcome, various ticketing issues. If you need advice on the various   options for ticketing then Pam is your girl!





Artemis Vogiatzis (news and events)

Julie Fraser   (design),

Karl Pierce (design   and technical support) and 

Les Wilson   (gallery),, 




Karl designed and built the website in 2006 and has helped members use   it since then. If you need help accessing the site please chat with Karl (who   happens to be a dab hand at sets too!) In 2015, Julie and Karl revamped the   existing site and developed many new areas.  Les is reorganising the gallery pages and Artemios the news and events pages. 


If you have ideas to  further develop the site or help us to maintain it, please get in touch.




Julie Fraser,   Lesley Chesters and Beverley Atkinson (, and Beverley   Atkinson (

(workshop   enthusiasts!)




All three are Summer School (LEATSS) devotees who believe in the   workshop process with a passion! If you have ideas for tutors to give   workshops or want to ask questions about workshops being offered then ask   away!


Youth Theatre


 Magnus Chan (

Christine Probst (

Christine Mitchell

( and

Angela Milne (

(youth group   support)






A director for the 2015-6 season will be appointed soon.  If you   want a more general discussion about the youth group then you can chat with Magnus, who is one of the longest-standing participants of the Youth Group. He is happy to talk with anyone who may be a little nervous about joining or have questions about how it is for participants.

In addition, any of the ladies below will be happy to chat: Christine Probst, Chris Mitchell and Angela   Milne have been heavily involved with many aspects of  NWTC. In particular all three have a keen   interest in the youth theatre since its inception in 2007. All have supported   and nutured it and are happy to help with any questions you may have.

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