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Join the Committee

Working on the NWTC Committee can be exciting as you get to hear first-hand about potential shows, play an integral part in the smooth-running of the Club as well as paving its future. 

The opportunity to join the Committee arises during the AGM, after the previous Committee is discharged. In 2015, this took place on 17 June. NWTC’s statutes allow between 5 and 12 members to sit on the Committee. Ideally the Committee reflects the Club in terms of background, age and experience.  New members will get support by being assigned to an experienced Club member to help them navigate these waters.


What does a committee member do?

Next year’s programme is filling up nicely with three shows already lined up, a youth theatre programme, planned workshops in addition to support being planned for LEATSS and FEATS.

The role of the Committee is to facilitate the running of the club’s activities. Each production and/or event starts as a request for club involvement. This receives full consideration by the Committee as to whether it can help or not and, if so, how. It works as a team, often balancing strong and passionate differing opinions with the ultimate the aim of ensuring that NWTC runs as smoothly, happily and productively as possible.

People often ask what sort of commitment is required to take part on the Committee. Fundamentally, if you would like to form part of the Committee then it is important that you are able to make a minimum commitment of:

  • Attendance of one evening per month for committee meetings
  • Help proactively to set agendas and action minutes in between meetings
  • Support the Club’s activities whenever possible

There are plenty of other opportunities for Committee members to do far more than the above should they wish – members commit as much or as little as they are able to: the diary of the Committee’s recent work reflects this ( let us know if you have any questions about being on the Committee by writing to us (


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