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Our 2014-2015 Committee:


Chris Albrecht (Chair), Andrew Stewart (ordinary member), Rod McCall (ordinary member), Rose Flammant (Membership Secretary), Valerie Scott (Secretary), Simon Critchlow (Treasurer) and Katie Bull (Youth Coordinator and Costume Liaison),  make up this year's Committee. Contact details below as well as their experience of committee work!

There are also several other NWTC members (non Committee) who are happy to chat with you. For further details please see - - Members supporting the Clubthe Club page.

You can see what the Committee has been up to recently on the Committee's Diary page.

Contact details of Committee:

Christopher Albrecht (Chair) or Tel. 621 279 633: Chris joined NWTC in the 1980s and has been involved at varying levels since then. He has served on committees on and off between 2004 and 2009 and then again from 2012 onwards, taking on the position of chair in 2013. He has acted in several productions as well as been crew and/or production support on countless occasions.

Chris' comments on ... being Chair: "Being Chair means being empowered by the members to run the club. No matter how much or how little one feels committed towards the club’s affairs, this is a responsibility. In my personal case, I do not take this lightly. I pursue the belief that the club has a wonderfully rich history which requires to be both respected and celebrated, but that equally importantly the club needs to move with time and be always open to progress. Consequently I spend most of my time ensuring that our association promotes open-mindedness, transparency and  professionalism (- oh, and on a more basic level, delegating and chasing up tasks, and picking up pieces!) Most enjoyable moment so far on the committee: watching a new idea germinate, nursing it in and out of pitfalls and seeing it progressively grow into an exciting production.  Most challenging moment so far on the committee: being forced to recognise that the committee’s to-do list has outgrown the human resources available. Best thing about being on the committee: Seeing supporters rally around when the going gets tough. If I were to sum  up NWTC in three words they would be: On the map!"


Rose Flammant (Membership Secretary) or Tel. 661 35 94 83: Rose joined NWTC in 2008 and was membership secretary 2008-2009. She returned as membership secretary since 2013. Rose has been involved back stage  in a few productions. The last one was Oh What a Lovely War.

Rose's comments on ... being Membership secretary: "Being Membership Secretary means that I am responsible for sending a welcome email to newly joined members, updating membership payments and replying questions from members. I also keep a record of payments from both Youth Theatre Workshop members and LEATSS participants. Most enjoyable moment so far on the committee:  I don’t have the most enjoyable moment as I am still enjoying the challenges to learn new skills and new things in the theatre world, although it was very satisfying when one member thanked me for the subscription work I do! Most challenging moment so far on the committee:  Having the web-banking unavailable for some three months, although nothing compares to the challenge of Stage managing FEATS 2014!  Best thing about being on the committee: Having first-hand knowledge of upcoming projects and be able to discuss issues with fellow committee members and provide comments.  If I were to sum up NWTC in three words they would be: fun, work  and rewarding ."


Rod McCall (Member)

Valerie Scott (Secretary)

Simon Critchlow (Treasurer) 

Andrew Stewart (Member)

Katie Bull (Youth Group Coordinator and Costume Liason)



Karl Pierce

Technical Web Adviser

Tel. 691 907 422


Julie Fraser

Communication Support

Tel. 691 491 701


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