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What NWTC does


The aim of NWTC is to promote all forms of Anglophone theatrical activity - see below how members have achieved this.

NWTC carries out its aim to promote all forms of Anglophone theatrical activity by:

  • putting on shows (to date we have over 150 previous shows),

  • organising weekend workshops during the year,

  • developing our vibrant and successful Youth Group with our annual Youth Theatre programme,

  • organising various social events

  • supporting and participating in the annual Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS),

  • participating in various outreach programmes within the community and

  • keeping members informed of NWTC events and other anglophone theatrical events within the community via Stage Whispers by posting news and updating information on this website and by sending out mailshots

  • and for many years, hosted LEATSS (Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School)


To navigate the Club through this ambitious programme the Committee meets regularly throughout the year. In addition, many NWTC members are often helping behind the scenes to ensure the programme can be realised. Join us and come and take part in our activities!

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