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NWTC 2016-2017 Programme


The 2016-2017 season consists of:

  • The appointment of the new 2016-2017 committee and submission of official documents with the relevant authorities and the appointment of specific roles within the Committee (in particular, Chair, Treasurer and Club Secretary)
  • Hosting monthly committing meetings
  • Putting on The PillowmanThe Hobbit and NWTC's entry for FEATS 2017
  • Hosting LEATSS (July 2016)
  • Organising workshops: Three with Mike McCormack June 2016 (Mime and Movement for Youths/ Pillowman support/ Physical Approaches to Acting), three with Mitch Mitchelson in October 2016 ("Old wine in new skins - The roots of comedy and its historic and contemporary roots”/ Middle Earth! A physical and comic landscape”/ Laughter, our common home”) and three Meisner workshops tbc in January 2017 with Philippa Strandenberg
  • Launching the Youth Theatre Programme for 2016-7 (including the appointment of a director)
  • Launching "Shout Out" - an theatre integration programme for youth refugees and youth theare members.
  • Continuation of the writing group
  • Continuation of playreading evenings and Cafe Villon.
  • posting news and constantly updating information on this website and by sending out mailshots
  • Keeping visible within the community by participating in various outreach programmes European Commission, European Parliament, St Georges School, ISL and Annual Teacher's conference.
  • Organising the AGM and discharging of 2016-2017 committee

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