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NWTC 2015-2016 Programme


The 2015-2016 season consisted of:

  • The appointment of the new 2015-2016 committee and submission of official documents with the relevant authorities and the appointment of specific roles within the Committee (in particular, Chair, Treasurer and Club Secretary)
  • Hosting monthly committing meetings
  • Reaching out to members to get their voices heard by publicising dates of committee meetings, hosting monthly club evenings and inviting feedback via the membership survey
  • Putting on Strange Horseman at FEATS (May 2015), Fifty! (October 2015), Finding Sophie (January 2016), Five Fantastic Tales from Around the World (March 2016), Oliver! (April 2016)  and potential Gauntlet share
  • Hosting LEATSS (July 2015)
  • Organising four workshops with Janice Dunn (Ensemble work, voice and accents, express your vision - writing and fixing connections - directing) in January 2016
  • Planning the Youth Theatre Programme for 2016-7 (including the appointment of a director)
  • Developing the concept of a refugee outreach programme
  • Building on and publishing a "guide to putting on a play" including examples of budgets, venue requests, costume catalogue and venues and also developing our play library
  • Organising the Gauntlet: in 2015-6 this is dedicated to the challenge of writing and putting on a play within a year
  • Developing the groundwork for practical working agreements for joint productions
  • Organising various social events, including play readings (The End of the Food Chain - June, Red Roses and Petrol - October and An Untraditional American Holiday - November) theatre visits and meals
  • Relaunching its monthly newsletter - Stage Whispers - from May 2015
  • Relaunching Cafe Villon evenings from April 2016
  • posting news and constantly updating information on this website and by sending out mailshots
  • Keeping visible within the community by participating in various outreach programmes European Commission - June 2015, European Parliament - November 2015, St Georges - September 2015)
  • Organising the AGM and discharging of 2015-2016 committee

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