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Current NWTC Youth Theatre Season


*** Call out for 2017-8 Youth Leader and project proposal - click here ***


The 2016-2017 season offered two exciting invitations for participants to work on The Hobbit and also to offer support to youth refugees by supporting the Shout Out project. The season is now over and the 2017-8 season will soon be announced. You can place your name on our waiting list by writing to

 If you want to find out more about the Youth Theatre please chat with one of the following who will be more than happy to help: 

Magnus Chan, ( who is one of the longest-standing participants of the Youth Group. He is happy to talk with anyone who may be a little nervous about joining or have questions about how it is for participants.

or one of the ladies who have been heavily involved in running the Youth Theatre since its inception in 2007:

Christine Probst (

Chris Mitchell and (

Angela Milne (

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