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History of Youth Theatre


Experienced directors, actors and teachers conduct regular workshops offering the youths the opportunity to experience different theatrical processes which may lead to showcases and/or productions from classical (Proserpina's Promise) and magical (Peter Pan), to modern (Just another School Shooting) and improvised pieces (Moments of Emotion, the Dream project). Some students have also taken part in NWTC’s adult productions (Oh what a lovely war).

Students are encouraged to work both on stage and backstage ensuring that they learn about all aspects of a production. They are led through a carefully guided exploration of various processes employed, including those of auditions, casting, script analysis and character development.

The group is welcoming, vibrant, diverse and creative: these characteristics are reflected in workshop leaders and the processes and work the group produces.

Due to high demand, there is a waiting list for the group and all applicants need to complete the registration process. Places are awarded on first come, first served basis, with preference given to existing members.


Productions/shares of the NWTC Youth Theatre


2019-2020 Devising with Luuk Wildshcut

"Improvisation, sincere acting, text and film work" were the focus on this year's youth group. Unfortunately due to COVID 19 the end of year share was not able to take place but the workshops were filled with fun and learning!


2018-2019 Treasure Island and Alice in Wonderland directed by Matilde Hansoon

After a year of workshops, together the youth group decided to perform two plays. One youth group performed Treasure Island and the other Alice in Wonderland.


2017-2018 "The Great War and Bertie"  devised by Julie Fraser, Chris Wilson & Chantelle Bonnici

Directed by Julie Fraser (lead), Chris Wilson and Lesley Chesters

In March 2018 the 25-strong Youth Group shared its progress to date on the devised piece "The Great War and Bertie" which followed the story of a young conscript, Bertie, and that of his friends and family. Set and props kept to a minimum by the group using their own bodies to tell this story, the group found ways in which to tell this story exploring various techniques (Laban, improvisation, commedia dell'arte) and learning a little ballroom dance and singing along the way!  See the gallery for photos by selecting appropriate option.


2016-  2017 The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien

Directed by Julie Fraser and Natalia Sanchez

Youth Theatre celebrated its 10th year whilst performing this wonderful and enchanting story with many youths taking on several challenging roles. Directed by Julie Fraser & Natalia Sanchez, the 29-strong group were led through a series of workshops (on ensemble work, auditions, commedia dell'arte, fighting and response work) alongside an analysis of the script. The participants also assisted with some backstage elements.

2015 - 2016 "A modern take on five fantastic tales - stories from around the world"

Natalia Sanchez joined NWTC as the youth director for the 2015-6 season. The group told five stories and the youths were responsible for selecting a story then deciding how best to tell it in terms of acting (physically - not voice), projections, sound, lighting, costumes and makeup.

2014 - 2015 "What a song and dance"

A programme consisting of various workshops ran during 2014-2015, with various directors sharing their particular skills and interests with the group. These ranged from dance, acting through impusle, musical theatre, theatre for life and Laban techniques and the group shared its work twice through the year.

Click here for fuller details.  

2013 - 2014 Peter Pan by JM Barrie

Directed by Julie Fraser (lead), Chris Wilson, Angela Milne and Chris Mitchell

The classic tale of Peter Pan was brought alive by the 30-strong 2013-4 Youth Theatre.  Participants had audition, backstage and acting workshops throughout and enjoyed external workshops on flight and fight! The Group were involved in all aspects of this production.

Click below to read:

Luxembourg Wort review of Peter Pan

NWTC makes a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital following produciton by Youth Theatre of Peter Pan more details


2012 - 2013 Just another school shooting by Gerald Arthur Moore

Directed by Sean Sideris (lead student director), Nuri Moseinco, Rina Mashimo and Martin Sommerer (student assistant directors), mentor Chris Wilson, assisted by Angela Milne and France Usher

Tackling the difficult subject matter, the students of the Youth Theatre directed and performed this poignant psychological drama depicting the lives of four high school students who survived a school shooting. 

The review from the LuxembourgWort of “Just another school shooting” can be found at:


2011 - 2012 Not so Fable, various

Directed by Ruth Gillen (lead), Chris Wilson, Chris Mitchell and Angela Milne

Based on Aesop’s fables. Director Ruth Gillen devised Not So Fable to “ explore themes of self image and reflection ” using the musical and stage talents of the enthusiastic young troupe.

The review of Not so Fable can be found at:


2010 - 2011 Moments of Emotion, various

Directed by John Brigg, assisted by Julie Fraser and Chris Mitchell

Responses to an exhibition at the Villa Vauban were the starting point for the Youth Group’s next project: Moments of Emotion. The group devised and improvised songs and texts about each of the pictures in the exhibition and shared its work by taking spectators on a ‘tour’.


2010 - 2011 Proserpina's Promise by Betty Holmes Cochren

Directed by Julie Fraser (lead), Christine Probst, Chris Mitchell and Angela Milne

As the Group had grown to some 20 participants, the coordinators were keen to find a play which would enable all to participate.  Prosperpina’s Promise was the answer! Imps, Greek gods and underworld creatures gave the youth group a range of characters to explore and develop during the processes that were worked on in order to put on this classical, full-length production. The group were introduced to various audition techniques and acting processes right up to its final performance.  External workshops were used to enhance the programme.

For a review of the Youth Group’s feelings about the 2010-11 season please see:


2009 - 2010 Just Eat It, various

Directed by Chris Mitchell (lead), Christine Probst, Angela Milne and Julie Fraser

In 2010, the Youth Theatre dipped its toes into a little musical theatre with an evening of songs, poems and short scenes centring around the idea of food!  The group danced, acted, sang and mimed and were delightfully received by the audience.


2008 - 2009 Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas

Directed by Christine Probst (lead), Chris Mitchell and Angela Milne

The production of a Child’s Christmas in Wales was very warmly received by local theatre critic, Graham Cleverley:



 2008 - 2009 Battle for Peace

Directed by Chris Mitchell (lead) and Christine Probst

An exciting and demanding programme saw the Youth Theatre take “Battle for Peace” to the Fringe at the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies.


2007 - 2008 Showcase (various)

Directed by Christine Probst (lead), Angela Milne and Chris Mitchell

Three more members joined the youth theatre in 2007-8, which had nine participants ranging from ages 9 to 14. At the end of the year they showcased their work by performing a series of sketches, ranging from poignant texts such as Anne Frank’s Diary to humours ones in the form of Carducci’s Guide to Women.

To read more please go to the “newsletter” section of the website and see p6 of the July 2008 edition.


2006 - 2007  DREAM 2007 (Midsummer Night’s Dream) by William Shakespeare

Directed by Tony Kingston, assisted by Christine Probst, Angela Milne and Chris Mitchell

In 2007, as part of the European capital of culture, Luxembourg was to enjoy a unique theatrical project whereby A Midsummer Night’s Dream was performed in Luxembourgish, German and English with choral selections in French! NWTC were asked to take part in this collaboration and happily Christine Probst, Chris Mitchell and Angela Milne agreed to set up and coordinate a youth group: it consisted of six members.

To read more about DREAM 2007 see:

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