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NWTC Youth Theatre 2014-2015

As the  8th consecutive NWTC youth theatre season comes to a close,  we look back at the 2014-2015 programme and the group’s feedback.

Over 50 participants made up this year’s Youth Group, necessitating two different groups being formed. Chris Albrecht brilliantly put together a series of workshops over 18 weeks and brought together eleven workshop leaders offering the second group the following courses within the general theme of “song and dance”: 

  • Creative skills with Lisa Dishman and Jessica Chumley
  • Folk dances with Mary Butler and Angela Milne
  • Acting on impulse with John Brigg, Lesley Chesters and Christine Probst
  • Oliver! Workshops with Neil Johnson, Philip Dutton and Mira Toth
  • Acting for Life  with Christine Probst
  • Laban—movement and acting with Julie Fraser

Some themes lasted one week, others were run over several weeks.

The participants were asked to give feedback on each course, in terms of enjoyment and usefulness  as well as invitied to add comments to help the organisers plan next year’s programme.

It was clear that the group had enjoyed the year very much, awarding a whopping 89% for enjoyment and usefulness of the whole programme. Whilst each course was clearly enjoyed there was particular enthusiasm for Christine’s Acting for life in which the group used improvisation to explore theatrical tools.

Unlike recent years, there was no production at the end of the year, instead some shares as the year progressed. The group were almost evenly split over the preference to have a big show or share. In the last session  of the year it was clear how much the group had bonded and also how much they had enjoyed the year , as one said “It was a great experience and I can’t wait for next year!” 

Registration for the 2015-2016 Youth  Theatre Programme will open soon—keep an eye on!

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