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The 11th season of NWTC's youth group was led by Matilde Hansson.  At the end of the workshops, one group performed Treasure Island and the other Alice in Wonderland in Altrimenti, Luxembourg. Below you can read about Matilde.

Matilde says:


My name is Matilda Hansson I'm a director and a writer.

I began my journey towards directing at a young age, my curiosity for how people live and what their stories were, is a huge input to why I became a director and a writer. 

I'm fascinated by relationships and events and seeing how they input into how humans behave. 

I studied directing at the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts. At the academy the technique thought was founded by Sam Kogan, a Russian Stanislavski practitioner, who having studied Stanislavski's methods further developed and broke down the art of acting and directing into concrete terms.

As a director, I do a lot of detailed background work with the play and the characters. I believe research is central to understanding the lives of the characters. My style however ranges from realistic to more experimental incorprating my background in dance and devised theatre, but realism is always at the core of the character work i do.

As a director i have worked mainly in theatre, having directed plays such as Tracy Lett's August: Ossage County  and  Killer Joe, Chekhov's Cherry Orchard, Pirates of Penzance and 4.48 Psychosis."


You can find out more about Matilda at

New World Theatre Club Luxembourg