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NWTC Youth Theatre Registration details


Registration is now closed , if you wish to be on the waiting list please contact . Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to existing members and a balance of ages respected. 


The aim of NWTC running a youth group is for NWTC members to inspire youths as they share their knowledge, experience and enjoyment of theatre. We have priced the programme to cover our costs. The subscription has again been kept to a minimum and is only possible due to the continued and unstinting support of NWTC. 




Attendance: Saturday mornings 10.00-12.00 (group A) and Saturday afternoons 12.00-14.00 (Group B)



Centre Culturel, Altrimenti,

Centre Convict - Salle Rheinsheim
5 avenue Marie-Thérèse
L – 2132 Luxembourg





The youth theatre is a lot of fun for everyone involved. It works as many people collaborate: parents organise busy family schedules to enable participants to join in, participants commit to the programme and agree to attend promptly and engage during the sessions, volunteers work behind the scenes to plan and coordinate the programme during the year and last, but not least, the director plans the sessions each week, allocating work assuming everyone is present. It is therefore essential that:

1. Participants turn up early, ready to commence the workshop at 10.00 and engage fully in the sessions, respecting themselves and each other

2. Although the presumption is that participants attend each session, if you are unable to attend please be sure to write to the membership secretary ( .  If multiple sessions are missed, roles have to be reallocated.

3. Respect towards your fellow actors/director/helpers is essential. If it proves necessary to speak with any participant three times for poor behaviour they will be asked to leave the group.

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